Team up with Old Boys Association


The question often arises about the difference between the Old Boys Association and The King Edward Educational Trust.

The Old Boys Association is a club with a constitution, and membership is open to old boys, parents, educators and friends of the schools. Its objective is to foster good relations between its membership and the Schools, through regular communication and social events, such as reunions, monthly gatherings and golf days organised by The Old Boys Association office.

KEET was established to assist both schools financially with support to supplement their operational budgets. Examples of support include new classrooms, educator and learner housing and enhanced educator benefits.

An independent board of trustees, consisting predominantly of Old Boys of both Schools, administer the Trust, which relies on donations from alumni. The continued sustainability of the schools is heavily reliant on donor resources.

The Trust aims to work closely with the Old Boys Association, in particular facilitating contact with alumni. Of crucial importance is enlightening the alumni about the Trust’s activities in order to bolster financial and intellectual support.