Sporting Facilities


Sporting facilities

King Edward VII School has nurtured many great sport legends, inter alia Dr Ali Bacher, rugby stars Joe van Niekerk and Bryan Habana, national cricket Captain Graeme Smith and world-renowned golf champion Gary Player. While relatively few learners will become professional sportsmen, both School`s fully endorse the physical, psychological and social benefits of participation in team sports. The trustees, Headmasters and coaching staff support the notion that sport plays an important role in achieving a balanced lifestyle. Learners are actively encouraged to participate outside of the classroom by offering a variety of activities and the option of a sport they enjoy. With sufficient funding we hope to execute the following goals: 

• Expand and upgrade the gym
• Employ additional professional coaches
• Achieve mass participation in all sports
• Provide additional indoor, multi-purpose facilities
• Build an indoor aquatic centre and additional swimming facilities, incorporating a rowing ergo option
• Provide new cricket nets

Cultural and Academics

The Headmasters of King Edward VII Schools advocate a balanced and holistic education for the development of young minds. KEET supports this notion and aims to contribute financially to the Academic and Cultural programs of the Schools, both of which provide a wide range of extra-curricular activities. The Trust endorses sponsoring the provision of required infrastructure, learning materials and educator development, as well as assisting in the creation of an environment that enhances learning, creativity and personal growth.