Reunions and Breakfast


By reconnecting to their School, the Old Boys of King Edward have shown enormous generosity during their reunion weekends. The generosity of Old Boys has allowed for King Edward to grow from strength to strength by supporting the Schools with the funding of world-class facilities.
The Old Boys of King Edward are instilled with an amazing spirit of community and belonging. This is showcased through their donations of time, energy and funds to the Schools, selflessly giving yet another generation of King Edward boys the opportunity to grow into good citizens of South Africa.
During reunions, the Trust will respectfully request not only financial support, but donations of expertise and experience, all great contributors to the future generations of South Africa.

Annual Breakfasts:
Annually the Trust will host a breakfast for a matriculating year. It is our intention to work with the Association in bringing our valued Old Boys back to the Schools. The breakfast is designed to update you on the activities of the School, Association and Trust, and give you opportunity to engage in any capacity! If you would like to attend the breakfast for your year, arrange a breakfast, or find out more about our 2016 breakfasts, please get in touch!