Recognising the importance of sustainable, top-quality education, the King Edward Educational Trust was established in 1958 to support both KEPS and KES in achieving their goals. Founded by deeply committed Old Boys, KEET has written a story of success, facilitating numerous endeavours that have seen the Schools grow from strength to strength. The seats of the King Edward Educational Trust have always been filled with Old Boys, with a few ‘Friends’ of the Schools, who want nothing more than to preserve and protect the legacy that is King Edward and to give opportunity to future boys!

KEET is committed to raising the necessary financial support to promote educational advancement in the King Edward community, and the public school system as a whole.

A brief history from Tutty Faber

“The Trust was started in 1958 by a number of governors of the school. In those days, a single governing body managed the prep school and the high school. The founders of the Trust were not necessarily past pupils or parents of the school, but had a vested interest in the development of young men in South Africa.

In the beginning, the trustees not only administered the trust, but were active in successfully canvassing the parents of the boys at both the prep and high school. You can imagine, it was not especially difficult in those days, when school fees were about five pounds. At that stage, the Income Tax Act allowed donations to secondary schools, with encouraging benefits to the donor, and in recent times, this privilege has been shared to primary schools.

With the encouragement of donations, the Trust managed to quickly collect enough funds to begin supporting the schools with their objectives.
This type of giving culture has allowed the KEET many accomplishments. To date, our most notable achievements at the prep school are: the building of the Media and After-Care Centres, the music rooms and the original IT Centre. At the high school, the KEET added an extension of the Memorial Wing, which is utilised as an IT laboratory, with more computer rooms eventually added. The completion of the Faber Wing enabled all the prefabs to be removed from the high school campus. Added to this, the establishment of the Donald Gordon House, and the conversion of unused change rooms into staff accommodation. In terms of developing the facilities at the school, with thanks to Sir Mark Weinberg, the KEET was able to finance the redesign of the swimming pool and install an Astroturf. The KEET has been instrumental in preserving the history of the school, by funding the conversion of the old gymnasium into the museum and library, due largely to a donation from an Old Boy, Chris Gerber. The KEET continuously supports a large number of bursaries for pupils and is dedicated to enriching the lives of past and present teachers.

The KEET has a long and prosperous history, with many achievements to reflect upon. While the history plays its important role, the KEET continuously looks to changing the future for our students. Today, the interests of the KEET and the King Edward School are proactively managed by a new generation of dynamic, well-respected corporate and academic individuals, who each have an unwavering commitment to the sustainability of King Edwards, and the youth of South Africa.”

Mr. Tutty Faber
Trustee, Old Boy & Governor