The King Edward Educational Trust
Our Commitment to Cultivating King Edward Leaders

It is this sense of pride, belonging, and fellowship to the Schools that make King Edwards truly outstanding.

King Edward VII School (KES) and King Edward VII Preparatory School (KEPS) are considered amongst the top all-boys public schools in the country. The future of the country depends on the strength of great public schools like the KEPS and KES, who are renowned for producing moral and freethinking men.

The King Edward Educational Trust continues to provide a lifeline in terms of enabling both Schools to offer a `value for money` cutting edge education. Without external support by the Trust, none of the additional facilities or learning and physical environment enhancers listed below would have been possible.

• Astro turf
• Upgrades to the swimming pool
• 2 x Indoor cricket net centres
• New electronic scoreboard structure – main cricket oval
• Extension of soccer and cricket fields with new perimeter walling
• Upgrades of tennis and basketball complex
• Refurbishment of pool kitchen
• Creation of state of art First Aid facility
• Upgrade of all outdoor cricket nets

• 3 Computer centres
• Extensive paving to create `Hugh Wilson Square` adjacent to hockey astro and theatre
• Auditorium upgrade
• New Admissions and Administration facility
• New classrooms to replace prefabricated structures
• The Faber wing
• Projection facilities and computers in all classrooms
• The Rob Wray Pavilion, including the gymnasium
• Refurbishment of School House and Buxton House ablutions
• Donald Gordon Boarding House
• New state of art Library
• Museum as part of the new Library
• Educator staff accomodation
• Ground staff accomodation upgrades
• Sports equipment- 3 new rowing boats

• Media centre
• Music centre
• Aftercare centre
• Computer labs

It is self-evident how important donations are to KEET’s (and ultimately KEPS and KES) existence. Without your financial generosity, our schools, our learners and our impact on public education beyond our school walls would be the poorer.

The King Edward Educational Trust appeals to all old boys, parents and proud supporters of our Schools, to continue contributing generously to this crucial cause.

We have a proud heritage and brave future to look after. King Edward VII School must continue to produce leaders in all spheres of life as we have always done.’ 
--Jonathan Gerber, Old Boy, Trustee & Chairman of KES Governing Body--
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